Friday, June 06, 2003

Settlers and Zealots a Wild Card in Peace Process
Jun 04, 2003
Hamas appears willing to cooperate with efforts to broker a peace between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority -- at least for the time being. While there remains a chance that Palestinian militants who reject Hamas' acquiescence will carry out attacks that undermine the peace process, Israel has its own wild cards as well. If and as negotiations move forward, there is an increasing chance that Israeli zealots could carry out or instigate violent action to thwart a settlement.

Where are the Diamonds?
Liberia: Turning Up the Heat on Taylor's Regime
Jun 05, 2003
The U.N.-supported special war crimes court in Sierra Leone has issued an arrest warrant for Liberian President Charles Taylor in connection with his support for rebels in that country's civil war. Taylor's opponents now are moving to box the president in -- both politically and militarily -- and force his capitulation. Without external assistance, Taylor's days are numbered.

These Teasers... Someone really pays for this
We Start Where The Media Stop and
All The Rest Is NY Times Fabrication...

Hamas breaks off truce talks with Palestinian prime minister. Abdel Aziz Rantissi said Friday dialogue is over after Abbas made unacceptable commitments at Aqaba summit

Palestinians launched fierce offensive Thursday night in Gaza Strip, targeting Israeli military positions around Khan Younes, firing mortar attacks on civilian communities, directing 7 anti-tank missiles and more than 100 grenades at Israeli patrols. No casualties.

Police attribute double murder in Jerusalem to act of terror. Bodies of a young man and woman, David Shembik, 27, and Moran Menahem, 17, were discovered Thursday in wood behind Jerusalem’s Hadassah-Ein Karem hospital. Both bore severe stab wounds.

DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources reveal Abu Mazen-Dahlen promise to Americans and Israelis in Aqaba to make south Jerusalem and Bethlehem first off-limits zone to Palestinian terror. Slayings in South Jerusalem seen as Palestinian terrorists’ provocation to prove worthlessness of Aqaba summit and Abu Mazen’s promises.

Near Tulkarm, IDF kills two terrorists preparing attack in Israel, members of al Aqsa Brigades – not Hamas as claimed. They opened fire when called to surrender. Six Palestinian suspects detained Thursday night in Tulkarm and Jenin. Three mortars fired at Israel target in Gaza Strip.

As condition for ceasefire, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, suicide wing of Arafat’s Fatah, wants Israel to lift siege at Arafat’s Ramallah HQ, release prisoners, end targeted killings and call off pursuit of senior operatives like Tawfiq Tirawi.

Read DEBKAfile Special Analysis of Aqaba summit implications below

France detains two al Qaeda suspects at Charles de Gaulle airport – Moroccan Karim Mehdi wanted in connection with September 11 attack through Hamburg cell, and German associate Christian Ganczarski linked to 2002 Djerba synagogue bombing

Blix complains about disappointing quality of US-UK intelligence tip-offs to UN inspectors on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, leaves open verdict in parting report to UN Security council.

Rumsfeld: Saddam’s cousin, Gen. Ali Hassan al Majid – Chemical Ali – may still be alive though his Basra palace bombed in war

Iran is developing a uranium mine, uranium conversion facility, massive uranium enrichment facility and heavy water production plant - Bolton to US congressional committee. Secrecy is evidence of military intent. Washington awaits June 16 international nuclear agency report to decide action

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