Friday, January 29, 2010

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Best of the Best

Like the roof of the Jersey Shore house, this month's Best Of is a swirling hot tub party of...

Emailed on: Friday January 29, 2010

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    Emailed on: Thursday January 28, 2010
    The Movie Stills Collection

    Put together by a bored film-buff Dutch web designer, Stills is a shockingly cool compilation of movie title sequence screenshots broken down by release decade; memorable highlights include...

  • Thrillist Nation
    Emailed on: Thursday January 28, 2010
    This Is Cement Mewelry

    Fresh from the mean streets of Toronto, these new man-necklaces (plus one money clip) boast unique Sterling Silver pendants hanging from polished silver chains, including Canuck-ish pieces like...

  • Thrillist Nation
    Emailed on: Thursday January 28, 2010
    Tubular Wireless Speakers

    Perfect for traveling/outdoor use/people terrified of wires, these remarkably compact, interlocking speakers sync up to any Bluetooth-enabled device, charge using a built-in USB cable, and can pump...

  • Thrillist Nation
    Emailed on: Thursday January 28, 2010
    VHS Hard Drives

    For those who like their storage combined with celluloid nostalgia, there're these external hard drives hidden inside VHS tapes: available in 320, 500, or 640GB, they come sheathed in flicks like...

  • Thrillist Nation
    Emailed on: Wednesday January 27, 2010

    Originally launched in Germany by a posse of design freaks, F4H lets people with this Internet thing vote on prospective high-end furniture design concepts, then actually produces winning models...

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    Kristen Stewart...

    KSWI's a meticulously outlined blog...

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    From a pack of Microsoft developers,...

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    The brainchild of two former Nestle...

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