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RCN Radio as seen by FIX Coverage of UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) World Cup Series

Cali, december 7th / 2010
Russia, Ukraine and Poland, first delegations to arrive to Cali.

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Russia Pursuit Team, figure of World Cup Cali.

Today tuesday December 7th begins the parade of delegations to Santiago de Cali, with the arrival of the national teams of Poland, Ukraine, Russia and the Russian team Lokomotiv professional.

Relate the teams and cyclists who arrived Tuesday to the city:

Lokomotiv (Russia)
Artur Ershov
Sergey Chernetskiy
Roman Ivlev

Leonid Krasnov
Sveshnikov Kinil
Sergei Shilov
Alexander Rybakov
Evgeny Shalunov

Edyta Jasinska
Katarzyna Pawiowska
Malgorzata Wojtyra
Maciej Bielecki
Lukasz Bujko
Kamil Kuczynski
Rafal Ratajczyk
Adrian Teklinski
Damian Zielinski

Volodymyr Diudia
Dmytro Grabovsky
Lyubomyr Polotayko
Maksym Polishchuk

On Wednesday, delegations arrived in Cali Colombia, Germany, France, Japan, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Cali, december 6th / 2010
UCI World Cup Cali 2010 presented.
Colombia will request World Championship venue.

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It was presented World Cup Cali 2010

With a massive attendance, it was presented the second stage of Track UCI World Cup Cali 2010. This ceremony was carried out in Dann Carlton Hotel, in Cali.

World Cup will start 16 december in Alcides Nieto Paitño velodrome, with 41 national federations and 13 professional teams.

Jairo Clopatofsky, Coldeportes Director, chaired the ceremony, with Juan Carlos Botero, Cali Mayor (in charge), principal sponsors of event.

In principal table was, also, Mauricio Giraldo, Indervalle representant, Diego Cardona, recreation and sports of Cali secretary, Jorge Ovidio Gonzalez, president of Colombian Cycling Federation, Hernando Zuluaga, General Director of Second Stage and Hector Fabio Arcila, Technical Director and International Commissaire.

Colombia will request World Championship venue.

During the Track UCI World Cup Cali 2010 presentation, Jorge Ovidio González announced that the Federación Colombiana de Ciclismo will ask the International Cycling Union, the headquarters of the World Track Championships to Santiago de Cali, home that could be given for 2014 or 2015.

This notice cause a great ovation of attendace, because it could be a recognition to Cali, after 10 edition of World Cup, to effort of cycling directors, to autorities of Cali and Valle and to Cali fans of track cycling.

Cali, december 3rd / 2010
41 Nations and 13 professional teams confirmed.
Numbers of World Cup.

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Maria Luisa Calle will be a colombian star in Track World Cup UCI Cali 2010.

General Director and Technical Director of second stage of Track UCI World Cup Cali 2010, had received register form of 41 national federations and 13 professional teams. Then 54 teams will be in Alcides Nieto Patiño.

This is the list:

National Teams (41)
Czech Republic,
Great Britain,
Hong Kong,
New Zealand,
Puerto Rico,
South Afrika,
United States,
Professional Teams (13)
Cespa Euskadi, Kingdom of Navarra, Cataluña and FGN Full Gas Natural (Spain) and OUCH (USA)
Lokomotiv and MTT (Russia)
Cofidis (France)
YSD (Malaysia)
Chanel Cyclo Tokio (Japan)
ERD (Germany)
JAY Team (Australia)

Numbers of World Cup

  • 41 nations registred to second stage of Track UCI World Cup Cali 2010.
  • 337 riders will be in track of Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome. 211 men and 126 women.
    This is a new record of riders in 10 editions of World Cup Cali since 1996.
  • 483 people registred as delegates, sport directors, mechanics, and masseurs.
  • 9 UCI registred professional teams.
  • 34 members in Russia delegation: 15 riders in national team and 7 of Lokomotiv and MTT professional teams..
  • 22 members in Colombia team: 15 riders (9 men and 6 women), 2 sport directors, técnicos, 2 mechanics and 1 delegate.
  • 236 rooms in 5 hotels reserved by UCI World Cup Cali 2010 organization.
  • En Cali estarán presentes 10 pisteros que en la actualidad son poseedores de records mundiales:
    Kevin Sireau (France): 200 meters (9"572)
    Chris Hoy (Great Britain): 500 meter (24"758) and team sprints, with Jason Kenny and Jamie Staff (42"950)
    Edward Clancy (Great Britain): team pursuitn (3´53"314) with P. Manning, G. Thomas y B. Wiggins
    Simona Krupeckaite (Lituania) 200 meters (10"793)
    Sarah Hammer (United States): individual pursuit (3´22"269)
    New Zealand pursuit team: Rushlee Buchanan, Laura Ellis y Alison Shanks (3´21"552)
    Laurent Tamayo (United States) pursuit team with Sarah Hammer y Dotsie Bausch (3´19"569, unresolved approval UCI).

Cali, december 1st / 2010
World Cup UCI Cali will be presented next monday december 6th.

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Next monday december 6 it will be the official presentation of Track World Cup UCI Cali 2010.

The official presentation of the second leg of the Track World Cup Cali 2010, will be held on Monday December 6 from 9:30 am in the main hall of the Hotel Dann Carlton. The event will be preceded by the Mayor of Santiago de Cali, Dr. Jorge Iván Ospina, President of the Colombian Cycling Federation Jorge Ovidio González, Secretary of the Recreation and Sport Cali, Diego Cardona and the Director of the World Cup stop , Mr. Hernando Zuluaga.

In Cali, will present four trackers that are currently holders of world records:

Kevin Sireau (France): 200 meters launched (9 ° 572)
Chris Hoy (Great Britain): 500 meters (24 ° 758) and Team sprint with Jason Kenny and Jamie Staff (42 ° 950), Edward Clancy (Great Britain) Team Pursuit (3'53 ° 314), together with P . Manning, G. Thomas and B. Wiggins, Sarah Hammer (USA): Ind. Pursuit (3'22 ° 269)

Similarly, in the national team of our country were enrolled almost all of the current national record only left out the ladies Lorena Muñoz Vargas and Natalia (Maria Luisa Calle mates in the team pursuit) and the young Cristian Tamayo (the computer speed.)
Information provided by the portal

The Spanish Ursula Romero, press attaché of the International Olympic Committee will lead a group of emissaries of the agency that will be in Cali to witness the second stop of the UCI Track World Cup. The objective, to observe and implement the transmission systems Omnium test, which will debut in the 2012 London Olympics.

Baugé Gregory, a Frenchman born in Guadeloupe, is the first European rider to win black pure speed, the showpiece of track cycling. Baugé is the current world champion titles won consecutively in the last two years.

Speaking of black sprinters in cycling, who have not been very common in the world circuit with the exception of the Trinitarians, the first official world champion was the African American Speed Marshall Walter "Major" Taylor. Born November 26, 1878, Taylor won and set the world mile record in 1899 in Montreal. It was the second black man to win a World Championship after boxer George Dixon. He died on June 21, 1932 at the age of 54.

The Organization of World Cup UCI Track Cycling event venues formalized as the Sheraton Hotel Dann Carlton, Torre de Cali, Valle Real, San Fernando Real and Tuscany.

In addition to the contribution of 300 million pesos has given the mayor of Santiago de Cali and the National Coldeportes 200 Million to the organization of the second stop of the UCI Track World Cup, other private sector companies have joined the funding the event. Commercial Conveyor including Colombia (TCC), Café Aguila Roja, JGB and Columbine. Also, the institutional support the Colombian Olympic Committee, the Colombian Cycling Federation, National Coldeportes, the Secretariat of Sport and Recreation and the League of Cali Vallecaucana Cycling.

About 200 million invested mayor of Cali in the maintenance of facilities Alcides Nieto Patiño Velodrome. In recent days it has worked hard on the polish of the door, cleaning the deck and the installation of a safety net in the vicinity of the runway to cushion a possible fall toward the outer zones.

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