Sunday, September 02, 2007

9M96 Medium-Range Missile
The 9M96 medium-range missile, which comes in two versions (9M96E and 9M96E2), is designed to destroy aircraft and air- delivered weapons at ranges in excess of 120 km. The 9M96E is a single-stage missile with a dual mode guiding system, radar active in the final phase and inertial with radio- control in the cruising phase. The missile is small-- considerably lighter than the ZUR 48N6Ye used in the S-300PMU1 systems and the Favorit. The missile is equipped with an active homing head and has an estimated single shot kill probability of 0.9 for manned aircraft and 0.8 for unmanned maneuvering aircraft. A gas-dynamic control system enables the 9M96 missile to maneuver at altitudes of up to 35 km at forces of over 20g, which permits engagment of non- strategic ballistic missiles with trajectory speed up to 4.8km/s. One 9M96 modification will become the basic long-range weapon of Air Force combat aircraft, and may become the standardized missile for air defense SAM systems, ship-launched air defense missile systems, and fighter aircraft.
The 9M96E and 9M96E2 missiles carry similar onboard equipment, payload and are identical in construction. The only difference between the two missiles is that the 9M96E2 model is equipped with a larger and more powerful propulsion motor featuring a greater power-to-weight ratio. With little difference in size and weight, the 9M96E and 9M96E2 missiles may engage targets at a range of 1 to 40 km (9M96E) and 120 km (9M96E2) and at an altitude of 5 m to 20 km (9M96E) and 30 km (9M96E2).
The 9M96E2 missiles is based on all-new components, use new high-energy solid fuel and an advanced guidance and control system which has made it possible to minimize their size. The 9M96E2 missile can intercept all types of aircraft, including tactical ballistic and medium-range theater missiles flying at altitudes from 5 meters to 30 kilometers. Their exceptionally high accuracy is ensured by the missile's main secret, the so-called transverse control engine, which rules out misses during the final approach trajectory. The transverse control engine is still without parallel in the world. Russia's top-of-the-line 9M96E2 guided air defense missile is being marketed by Russia's state-owned arms trader Rosvooruzhenye. A mockup of the missile was set up at an Athens arms exhibition in October 1998.
One variant of the 9M96 is an air launched version proposed for long range anti-AWACs use on the Mig-31M. Another variant of the 9M96 in the 96M9M target drone, designed to simulate various high speed ballisitic targets with various RCS at speeds of up to 1.3km/s.

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