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FIX University Looks @ High Tech High Education


news.onlineschools.orgUniversity of the People Bringing Higher Education to Everyone
209 × 136 - 11 k - jpg leadership roles, political activism, and ultimately, higher education.
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minglebox.comThe higher education field and specially the Indian business schools are ...
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scoop.itCoursera Winning Online Ed Race | TRENDS IN HIGHER EDUCATION |
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bostinno.comMIT OpenCourseWare: The Reason Why edX Won't Ruin Traditional Education ...
3072 × 2304 - 1620 k - jpg all the rage has been about whether or not higher education will ...
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collegeclasses.comOnline College Classes > Online Education News > Online Education > edX, ...
400 × 244 - 22 k - jpg lightness and toughness design using ultra high-tech design materials.
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keranews.orgExplosion In Free Online Classes May Change Course Of Higher Education
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article.wn.comHigh-Tech Suit Lets You Know What It's Like to Be Old -
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article.wn.comHigh-Tech Suit Lets You Know What It's Like to Be Old -
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article.wn.comHigh-Tech Suit Lets You Know What It's Like to Be Old -
480 × 360 - 10 k - jpg Systems | eLearning and Blended Learning in Higher Education |
240 × 160 - 8 k Software | eLearning and Blended Learning in Higher Education ...
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article.wn.comClaas Axion 810 mit EDX 6000 am Maislegen
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allcoolshit.comEdX's goal is to educate 1 billion people worldwide in things that edX ...
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billymeinke.wordpress.comHere's a video from the edX launch last week: edX Conference Video
480 × 290 - 171 k - png to affirm its vitality in higher education and in creative industries.
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scoop.itFifty of the best ed-tech products for colleges and schools
150 × 150 - 9 k High School Students « Educational Technology | iPads in Education Daily
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More FIX on the NET @ FIX University Cultural Campus

Welcome to Spring Semester 2013

Fernando IX University
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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Online
Fernando IX University

HumanComputer Interaction Course Staff

Dear FIX,

We're live! As many of you have seen, we've posted the first assignment and lectures, and the discussion forum is full of energy.

These first lecture videos introduce the field of human-computer interaction and provide a high-level overview of the course. I'll also provide a whirlwind 'greatest hits' history of HCI and the origins of graphical interfaces. Next, we dive into techniques for finding design ideas by engaging users, and you'll use these techniques in the first week's assignment.

Like some other courses, the HCI class will offer two tracks: an "apprentice" track for those that keep up with lectures and do well on the quizzes, and a "studio" track for those that also do well on the project. You don't need to 'pick' a track. The course will automatically provide you with the right Statement of Accomplishment that you earn based on the work you submit. For more information about the track options, go to . The first time you log in, please fill out the survey because we'd like to get a sense of who you are. It helps us create the best possible course, and also makes all the students taking this class more tangible and real. That's personally rewarding for me. You can fill out the survey at

Over the nine-week course, there will be five project assignments. The first assignment will be due Sunday, October 7th at 10pm *PST*. (If you’re in a different time zone, make sure to convert this to your local time.) Quizzes and peer assessment (of your fellow students ) will be due on Wednesdays at 10pm. The first quiz/peer assessment deadline will be Wednesday October 10th. I want to underscore that the peer assessment feature is brand-new for this course, and enables us to offer you exciting, open-ended assignments. To make it work, we'll need your full support and cooperation. It's very important that you take this part of the course seriously -- it's going to take all of us working together to make this a success.

What I hope you'll get out of the first assignment and lectures is the simple yet powerful idea that by leaving our desks to observe and interview people, it's possible to gain some really useful ideas for designing new kinds of systems, or redesigning existing systems so they better fit people's goals. It can take some courage to get started, but the payoff can be huge. I think this first assignment will be a lot of fun, and I'm really excited to see all the ideas that all of you come up with.

This first assignment gives you a lot of latitude to be really creative, and so I hope you'll take advantage of it. What unique things can you find to observe? What creative design insights can you imagine? Feel free to brainstorm with your fellow students, both in
person and online. The sky's the limit...

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BerkeleyX: CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence

Course Updates & News


You can check out the syllabus page to see the topics we’ll be covering. In addition to learning the theoretical foundations of AI, you will also get hands-on experience implementing AI algorithms in a video-game-themed context. There will be lecture videos and homework assignments every week, programming projects every other week, and a single final exam at the end.
The course information page has information about course logistics and policies. The course staff page tells you a little more about us. The primary communication channel for this course is our interactive forum, where you are encouraged to post questions, answers, and comments!
The first week's videos are available for you to watch! In these introductory segments, we discuss what artificial intelligence is (and isn't), explore some of its history, and see its current capabilities and limitations.
We have posted an optional short math self-diagnostic so you can verify your mathematical preparedness for the course. We've also posted an optional mini-refresher (or introduction) to Python, the language used in our programming projects. The Python refresher is also a great opportunity to try out the project submission interface used throughout the class.
We look forward to a great semester with you!

Dan, Pieter, and the CS188x Course Team


Welcome to CS188.1x: Artificial Intelligence!

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