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"Highway to Hell" is the opening track of is AC/DC's 1979 album Highway to Hell and the twelfth track on AC/DC Live. It was initially released as a single in 1979.

The song was written by Bon Scott, Angus Young and Malcolm Young while the main guitar riff was created by Malcolm Young. The track has become one of the most famous songs in rockhistory. AC/DC had made several studio albums before and was constantly supporting them by going on a grueling tour schedule.

The song and album's title supposedly came after a reporter asked band members if they could describe what life was like being constantly on tour. Angus replied that it was "a fucking highway toHell"[citation needed]. He stated in the magazine Guitar World that when you are out on the road on a bus sleeping with a guy's smelly sock in your face, it's like you're on the highway to hell. Rumours persisted that the band members were satanists, and this comment, and the album cover depicting Angus with devil horns and tail only added fuel to the fire. (The band has denied having anything to do with Satanism, Malcolm having even commented that "me mum would kill me for that!") Nevertheless, this and other songs brought AC/DC its first million-copy-selling album, and sentHighway to Hell to #17 on the charts. Scott would be found dead in the back of a friend's car just over six months later. In October 2009 Brian Johnson, who replaced Scott, explained to The Metro: "It was written about being on the bus on the road where it takes forever to get from Melbourne or Sydney to Perth across the Nullabor Plain. When the Sun's setting in the west and you're driving across it, it is like a fire ball. There is nothing to do, except have a quick one off the wrist or a game of cards, so that's where Bon came up with the lyrics." [1] The success of the Highway to Hell song and album set AC/DC on track to record its most famous album and tribute to Bon, Back In Black, one year later. The song "Highway to Hell" is part of the The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll list.[2] The master ringtone was certified Gold by the RIAA in June 2007 for sales in excess of 500,000.

The song was originally inspired by Bon Scott driving along the Canning Highway in peak traffic, from his home in Fremantle to his favourite pub in Applecross.

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